Tristan shreds 'Grow your own' at the annual House Concert.

‘Grow your own’ is a solo for double bassist. It uses extended techniques liberally and any adrenaline the performer provides. The score is entirely notated, alternating between free, unmeasured sections and traditional notation (with the exception of the extended techniques). The unpitched sounds (bowing the side of the bass, percussion, etc) and other effects (spinning the bass to change the direction of the sound, bowing upward onto the fingerboard, and others) are as important to the piece as the notes. My aim was to integrate these sounds and effects as seamlessly into the composition as the notes, fully integrated as part of the language.


released June 3, 2013



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Meredith Gilna Buffalo, New York

I’m a composer of the ‘classical’ variety with an affinity for the avant garde, based in Buffalo, NY. Many of my pieces utilize graphics or other non musical sources as a framework, treated with different degrees of intuition and literal translation, to create music with an unexpected shape and content. I'm fond of gesture, functional/non functional harmony, extended techniques, and low sounds. ... more

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